“I was trying my traditional instruments, and I just couldn’t adequately decompress the foramen. Then I used the Dreal device, and it accessed the area more easily accomplishing the decompression.”
–Richard Guyer, MD, spine surgeon, co-founder of the Texas Back Institute in Plano, TX and past president of the North American Spine Society

The dreal® high-speed decompression system, designed with a curved and shielded tip, allowed for safe and efficient bone resection in a case series involving 10 patients undergoing cervical foraminal decompression as part of treatment for cervical stenosis.

“With the dreal® device, you can accomplish cervical decompression safely in areas that often times are more difficult to access using traditional drills, burrs, and manual instruments,” Dr. Guyer said. “Because the dreal® device is curved, it allows more flexibility in terms of its ability to remove bone. It is shielded so it protects adjacent vital structures, such as the spinal cord and nerve root, from harm.”

Dr. Guyer selects the dreal® device, particularly in cases involving severe bony stenosis with or without deformity, “in which you would have to remove too much of the facet joint to do the decompression. Rather than sacrifice the natural anatomy, you can do the decompression in a safer and faster method than our usual techniques.”

In severe cases, “while you may not have direct visualization, use of fluoroscopy, allows me to know that I am decompressing in the proper place, so I don’t have to keep removing bone to allow for direct visualization,” Dr. Guyer said.

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