TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – Carevature Medical Ltd. presented preliminary clinical results of its dreal® spinal decompression and bone removal system at the annual forum of the Society for Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS) 2017 inLas Vegas, NV. The results were presented in an oral presentation by Dr. John Peloza.

Dr. Peloza’s presentation focused on cases performed by high-profile spinal surgeons– including John Peloza, MD; Richard Guyer, MD; Nahshon Rand, MD; Michael Millgram, MD; William Beutler, MD, FACS; Walter Peppelman, DO; and Ely Ashkenazi, MD. Results have shown the dreal® to promote improved access to the foramen, as well as potential increase in foraminal volume, without compromising spinal stability.

Dr. Peloza, a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, specializing in advanced minimally invasive spine technologies, has successfully employed the dreal® in over 60 commercial lumbar and cervical procedures at Baylor Scott and White Medical Center, Frisco, TX. “Our clinical work so far shows the dreal® system enables shorter and safer decompressions, preserving maximum healthy tissue and facilitating patient recovery”, says Dr. Peloza. “dreal® has become a valuable work tool for me, in both lumbar and cervical cases using a minimally-invasive approach.”

Dr. Larry Khoo, a renowned pioneer of minimally-invasive techniques from the Spine Clinic of Los Angeles and executive VP marketing of SMISS adds: “In procedures where avoiding fusion or preserving segmental motion are a desired goal, the dreal® represents the next step in minimally-invasive decompression technology. I’ve been using it to perform lumbar decompressions through a standard 18mm tube, allowing me to achieve more thorough decompression of the lateral recesses and foramina, while still preserving the functional facet complex – resulting in decreased risk of delayed instability.”

Yosi Weitzman, founder and CEO of Carevature, is equally optimistic: “We’ve set out to overcome the present-day challenges of minimally-invasive orthopedic and neurological surgery. That’s why we’re committed to expanding our technology into additional indications. We’re excited to introduce the benefits of the dreal® to a growing number of surgeons and medical centers, as part of our mission to improve surgical outcomes for patients, surgeons, and healthcare systems.”

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