6 medical centers across the country signed on to work with the dreal® Powered and Curved Spinal decompression system

Tel Aviv, Israel (Business Wire)- November xx, 2016

Carevature announced today that its dreal® line of products has begun helping physicians in the US achieve better outcomes in spinal decompression surgeries. Over 370 patients have been treated in clinical use, with outstanding safety and recovery results. Six centers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Texas, are currently taking part in the dreal®’s limited market release.

Traditional spinal decompression surgeries help patients with back or limb pain by removing the tissue (usually bone) that is putting pressure on the spinal nerves. In order to access the problematic tissue, often surrounding tissue needs to be removed. This can compromise spinal stability, and may require a Spinal Fusion procedure to connect the treated vertebrae and restore stability.

Carevature’s dreal®’s unique curved design enables orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons to perform better spinal decompression more quickly and with less trauma to the area. Preservation of the surrounding tissue may reduce the need for spinal fusion decompression cases and simplify the procedure when fusion cannot be avoided.

Use of dreal® reduces OR time and hospitalization time. dreal® patients can be released from the hospital more than twice as fast as standard spinal decompression patients. Avoidance of spinal fusion procedures can save the healthcare system tens of thousands of dollars per patient.

“I am using the dreal® for all my decompression cases,” said Richard Guyer, MD, spine surgeon, co-founder of the Texas Back Institute in Plano, TX and past president of the North American Spine Society. “In addition to being an intuitive device that’s easy to learn to use, this is the only device I’ve seen that allows the surgeon to decompress severely stenotic neuroforamen from the inside out while still leaving the anatomy intact and eliminating the need for fusion. There are thousands of lumbar decompression cases

[AB1]  performed every year, and I believe that this device has the potential of reducing the number of fusions in these patients.”

“This is a significant milestone for the entire Carevature team,” said Yosi Weitzman, Carevature Founder and CEO.  “It is exciting to see our hard work and dedication make a difference to patients’ lives and well-being.  We look forward to introducing dreal® to more centers as part of our full commercial launch, planned for 2017.”