REHOVOT, ISRAEL, February 5, 2019 – Carevature Medical, developer of advanced powered, single-use orthopedic surgery solutions, has announced the successful completion of its 1000th procedure performed using the company’s innovative Dreal® decompression platform.
Unique design, broad applications
The Dreal® technology is the first and only powered, single-use platform efficient enough to handle bony tissue, yet precise enough to work safely around spinal anatomy. A versatile cervical-to-sacrum solution, it is designed to serve a variety of both open and minimally-invasive spinal indications, allowing for preservation of spinal stability, while reducing associated risks and complications.
The Dreal®’s unique, curved-at-the-tip design grants easier access while the various shield orientations provide safer access, causing less trauma and entailing fewer costs, and may provide better outcomes for both patients and healthcare systems.
A journey of a thousand procedures – and numerous indications
To date, the Dreal® has been used successfully in over ten different types of spinal procedures, including lumbar decompression/foraminotomies with and without fusions, ACDF procedures for removing posterior osteophytes, TLIF procedures for endplates preparation, and others. Over a third of the procedures were completed in the US, which is experiencing accelerated growth in the use of the unique technology.
Says neurosurgeon Dr. Scott Kutz of the Texas Back Institute: “The Carevature Dreal® has served me well in many of my minimally invasive decompression procedures. This technology allows for bone removal with minimized risk to surrounding structures. The bayoneted MIS version of the Dreal® works especially well through a tubular retractor. Overall, the Dreal® provides a thorough decompression, with lower risk of neural injury or spinal destabilization.”

Superior safety profile
According to a recent article in the International Journal of Spine Surgery, The dreal® technology has demonstrated superior safety results with regard to dural tear incidence rates, as compared to the published rates of other bone removal instruments, including both traditional standard devices and modern ones.
Echoing these benefits and more, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Anthony Bozzio, MD of Michigan’s Charlevoix Hospital, adds: “Using the Dreal®, I’ve realized significant time savings in my foraminal procedures, while achieving safe and effective decompressions of the symptomatic nerves. Patients I’ve operated on with this technology have demonstrated pain relief and continued spinal stability.”
According to Carevature founder and CEO Yosi Weitzman, “These results are possible thanks to the device’s range of shielding orientations, available according to the target pathology’s location; the lower number of in-and-out passes required with the Dreal® compared to traditional instruments such as Kerrison Rongeurs; and the unique Forward Drilling capability, which allows a ‘bony side’ approach and avoids unnecessary nerve manipulation.”
Looking forward, Carevature is working on expanding its line of bayoneted Dreal® MIS versions, to allow for cutting-edge visualization in minimally invasive access, while substantially decreasing the need for healthy tissue removal to achieve decompression.

Carevature Medical Ltd., a privately held medical device company headquartered in Rehovot, Israel, is dedicated to the development of advanced orthopedic surgery solutions that minimize trauma to result in long-lasting improved patient outcomes.